Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This is a quick one, but figured that if the ambulance-chasers can review one Apple product simply by reading a marketing blurb, then I can review the new HTC Touch phone using a similarly lazy method.

For those of you that are not aware, the HTC Touch (bizarrely also known as the Elf) was launched right before Apple let the iPhone out of its cage. As I am a techno-luddite at the best of times, I did not know this until today when a colleague walked in with one - a review copy if you will that journos get from time to time, but ultimately have to hand back to the company.

In a new interpretation of the phrase "wanky marketing", the company had also handed out replica Touch phones made out of chocolate - which my colleague kindly gave to me. Now, using the Asher Moses school of analysis, I will review the HTC Touch phone by eating the chocolate phone. Here goes.

Mmmffw Graaaaffmmmwaah crrughmm...dry, cheap tasting, sweet but with a bitter aftertaste, really chunky...mmmwaum. Wow that was quite a lot of chocolate, the box was deceptively deeper than it looked. My teeth are fuzzy. Boy, am I thirsty.

I bet I'll be hungry again in 20 minutes.