Thursday, July 5, 2007

A hodge podge of blog porridge

A few things to cover, and not enough eloquence to do it seperately.

1. Seems that one of my low blow posts has trundled one step closer to infamy. This was very entertaining to follow this afternoon. Thanks [talia], although I think we did meet at Homecake last year. Directly related to my original blog on this topic, Melbourne's The Green Guide today published this interview with Richard Kingsmill.

2. Faux Pas aka Tim Shiel (aka Crowbar Harry) is a damn fine. On his acclaimed records, he cuts and glues oldey timey samples and releases them like John Woo's doves in slow motion in a violent church shootout. He has a little site and punches out a blogg, each week handing out a free remix with a bread roll. He also have a jovial slice of my most favourite musician attribute besides talent; ie humour - slap-handled mad dashings of it! Good on you Harry.

3. Famous Joe Hardy is not famous yet, but he will be.

4. I am flying up to Brisbane to watch the first ever gig of schimmelbusch next week. As the man with the hat says, they are playing at a place called Ric's Cafe (which my sources tell me is in "the Valley") next Wednesday 11th July - just after evensong. A review will follow.

5. Contrary to popular belief and or slash evidence, Dan Forrest is a poet.

6. After watching 5 episodes of Arrested Development in a row on Monday night, I am now fully qualified to say...wait, hang on, did you say there's another episode of Clark & Michael up?