Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Plumbing the Wells of hygiene

I am a regular reader of Hollywood Elsewhere (see looky, links) which is an independent US movie blog by Jeffrey Wells. Although he can be somewhat bitter, he regularly provides a very entertaining commentary on the US movie biz and beyond.

Like all good writers that use their blogg as an extension of their personality, Wells sometimes throws in travel photos and musings about the oddities of life. But earlier this week, he went into just-plain-bizarro territory with this.

Here's a slice: "I'm wondering if anyone has ever used air-freshener spray as a substitute for a deodorant if you've run out of the latter and nothing else is in the house."

Even more amusing are the bachelor-esque comments after it: "I used shampoo and conditioner as shaving cream once. I'd strongly advise against anything but shave gel/cream."


I wonder what Can of Preen would think?