Monday, July 2, 2007

Palm-fisted meanderings

I have been in Melbourne the past few days, ostensibly to watch The Basics officially launch their album Stand Out/Fit In, and will speak about that here later.

But first to warm up here is a pointer to a US-based independent music blog called A Better Offer, which runs extended profiles of independent artists as its site states: "Our goal here is to spotlight a band for an extended period of time. We anticipate writing about one band exclusively for approximately two weeks."

This fortnight they are writing about Gotye, which means a whole bunch of posts and meanderings over the next days. There is a lot of mess and noise out there about this guy, but it good to see a foreign and thus 'cleaner' (removed from the dirty hype which influences writing) take on the music.

It works as a good companion piece to the recent Shifted Sound interview with Wally de Backer, the palm-fisted man behind Gotye and wild man-god [literally, sitting] behind The Basics. It goes for an hour and features songs by both acts, as well as some of Wally's own selections, and can be found here.

In completely unrelated news, the latest episode of Los Bazura Projeyo is up. Gold!